Since our first opening in 1989, Abuelo’s has consistently been on the leading edge of Mexican cuisine, combining menu creativity, outstanding food and beverage quality, colorful plate presentations and superior service in an impressive Mexican courtyard-themed atmosphere. Every dish is made to order from scratch using only the freshest premium ingredients.

Abuelo’s has received numerous national accolades as the top-ranked Mexican food restaurant, one of America’s top chains, and for offering great meals for less than $20.




Abeulo's Capirotada

Abuelo's Capirotada (Bread Pudding)
Copycat Recipe

½ pound of French bread cut into 1/2" pieces
Eggs - 6
Milk - 2 cups
Sweetened condensed milk (14 oz.) - 1 can
Evaporated milk - 1 small can
Sugar - 1 cup
Ground cinnamon - 1/8 tsp.
Vanilla extract - 1/8 tsp.
Raisins - ¼ cup
Pecan pieces  - ¼ cup

Step # 1
Cut bread into ½ in. pieces. Place loosely on cookie sheet
Place in a pre-heated 350° F. oven for approx. 10 minutes or until golden brown
Step # 2
In a mixing bowl place eggs, milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.
 Using a wire whisk or an electrical hand mixer, mix well.
 Add toasted bread, raisins and pecans, mix and let it set for approx. 5 min. until toasted bread absorbs liquid.
Step # 3
Fill a full size roasting pan ½ full of water.
Place bread / liquid into a 4" baking pan.
 Place baking pan with bread mixture uncovered inside roasting pan of water. (This will prevent drying / scorching of batter)
 Bake at 350° F. for approx. 1 hr. To check for doneness, insert a toothpick or a knife in the center of capirotada, when it comes out dry it is done.

 Scotch Envinada Sauce
Scotch or sherry wine - 1 cup
Sweetened condensed milk (14 oz.) -1 can
Heavy cream - 2 cups

Step # 1
In a sauce pan bring scotch or sherry wine to boil
 Reduce until you have about 1/3 of the liquid
Transfer to a stainless steel bowl and place in refrigerator until cool.
 When liquid is cool, add the sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream.
 Using a hand mixer or electric mixer, whip until the consistency of a creamy sauce.

Serve over warm Capirotada. Garnish with caramel sauce and whipping cream as desired.

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